Comblab project finished in December 2014. In this website you can download Comblab teaching materials ready to be used in several languages. Currently most Comblab partners go on working with MBL for secondary science.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MBL is an acronym of words Microcomputer Based Laboratory. Hence, the term is used for experiments, where the measurement is supported by computer and/or systems which provide support for measurement of variety of quantities. Usually, the system consists from suitable sensor(s), which measure some quantity, and the results are collected by a computer or datalogger are consequently displayed on a screen of a the computer or the datalogger, to which the sensor is connected. MBL system provide users with unified control and data treatment which facilitates employment of the system in school directly during education process.

All the materials published at COMBLAB portal are free and under licence Creative Commons - CC BY-NC-SA. More at: 

The activities will be developed further! The final versions should appear summer 2014 latest.

The price is dependent on the sensor you need and on manufacturer of the sensor. Usually, the sensors are around EUR 150.-, but there are cheaper sensors available (for example temperature sensor, which is about EUR 80.-). Very expensive is, for example, carbon dioxide sensor (about EUR 450,-). Dataloggers (with display) are ca EUR 500.- up to 600.- , but there are alternative and cheaper ways to show the signal from sensors. For the exact price and sensor and datalogger posibilities, contact you MBL reseller. 

. The design of activities Is based on the use of MBL equipment, and it takes advantage of it..Although some activities can be adapted to be executed with traditional laboratory equipment, they will loose part of its didactical use.

In some countries it is possible to borrow equipment for your school (for example, in Finland you can contact KEMMA).

The activities are created for high school science education (biology, chemistry, physics).