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BLOOD PRESSURE - Do you know, what it is?

„150/95, please, make note into patient folder“, asked Doctor Smith his nurse. He turned to the patient and says: “So, Mr. Martin, your blood pressure is too high. And, last time, it was high as well. From now, no smoking, no alcohol drinking and tell your wife not to use salt very much.” Mr. Martin was surprised and tried to compel Doctor to allow something:  “But, Doctor, just one cigarette a day.“ However, Doctor Smith was unyielding: „No, no, nothing is possible. Do you want to have a stroke? Or a heart attack? Or, you want to destroy your kidney? All of them, it is not pleasant.” “Doctor! As follows, no pleasure remains to me in this World.” Mr. Martin tried again to compel the Doctor, but the Doctor remained still unyielding. At the end, Mr. Martin started to be interested in the blood pressure: “And Doctor, what have you just actually measured? What is, in fact, the blood pressure? And, why there are two numbers? It is strange, is not it? What does the first number mean and what is the second, lower, number? And, what is the number, which is responsible for forbidden drinking and smoking? And, which number is more important? Could you, doctor, explain it to me?” “Mr. Martin” Doctor said “I would be happy to explain you the blood pressure problem. Unfortunately, waiting room of my doctor's office is crowded and there are a many patients. Happily, I have a contact, write down his/her mobile number, he/she is smart guy/girl, he/she (cross out the non-matching), he/she will explain everything to you. Good bye.” Mr. Martin returned to home and started to peace with loose of his bad habits. However, when he came home, he took the mobile phone and called to the number from doctor. He picked the mobile and Mr. Martin asked for help, because he was really interested in blood pressure problem: “Hi, I am Mr. Martin a need to explain something. Would it be possible …...” “Yes, of course”, told and begun speaking ….

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