Comblab project finished in December 2014. In this website you can download Comblab teaching materials ready to be used in several languages. Currently most Comblab partners go on working with MBL for secondary science.

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BODY MOTION - version for upper secondary school

Can a person walk at constant speed?

How can you discover the speed of a motion? What is the difference between speed and velocity?


PENDULUM EXPLORATIONS: BETTER CHOICE? - version for lower secondary school

One of the ever-popular favourites in the playground is the child swing. Kids love to ride the swings at the playground. Given the following situation: Ann (20kg) and Tom (30kg argue in front of two child swings (Length 2.4m and 2.5m), who is able to swing faster. Ann worries about her less weight and wants to take the longer swing. Tom agrees assuming that his much greater weight will easily outplay the difference of 10cm according to the length of the two swings.

What is your advice for Tom?